Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hi again

I’ve been interested in fashion and in art as long as I can remember, and although many wouldn’t agree, I find both being similar, if not the same. Fashion impacts us, it makes us feel, it enables us to express ourselves, just as art does.

I created this blog about three years ago when everyone got into fashion blogging and all of a sudden we wanted to become recognised and work in a field we before thought wasn’t possible. I kept it up on and off for about a year and a half, I thought posting outfits of the day and week was what people wanted to see, but in the midst of a crowd I felt lost, not standing out, not being myself, not making a change. So I took a break. Not only a break from fashion, but of writing, which I always found to be a passion. I have recently watched the Future of Fashion series by Alexa Chung on Vogue and it reminded me of what I loved so much about fashion. I was once again filled up with the emotion and ambition I had years ago to try again, even if I couldn’t succeed. Today, I spent thinking about what I would want to share in my blog and I’ve realised there is so much more than a simple outfit of the week. I have realised one of my favourite things is being inspired, and I would love to share those with you. By being a typical 19 year old, browsing through tumblr, I’ve realised there is something so effortless about vintage photographs, clothing, movies, or anything past-inspired.  Looking at the following photos inspires me. And as I am off to watch Scarface, I wanted to say I am glad to be back and hope that this time I’ll stay. Because it’s so much more about being recognised, it’s about sharing my passions with you and hopefully you can share yours with me.

Loads of love,



  1. Glad to know that you've found your inspiration and the motivation once again. Sometimes we get overwhelmed with our choices in life that we forget about what we actually want.

    Joyce // Joycentricity

  2. Great post.it's absolutely so true what you said. Sometimes we get overwhelmed. Thats how I feel right now between school, work, and blogging. I love to blog it's so much better than school and work so it's something I look forward too. I love the blogging world because I love to connect with people who are similar and completely opposite of me. Have a wonderful week love.

    Kayla xo // Kayla's Vibration

    1. Good luck with everything! It's the motivation that keeps us going in such situations,

  3. Great post and photos! kisses!


  4. I consider fashion an art form. Love the blog, let me know if you want to follow each other on GFC!


  5. So happy that you are back to blogging :)


  6. I agree a huge part of blogging is about sharing passions and coming across like-minded people! Your style choices here are so gorgeous and glamorous in a way, very inspiring!

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice

  7. I love this post! I have just updated my blog with 'Holika Holika Pig Nose' Review! You should check it out.

    Kisses, Mai.


  8. love this post

  9. Keep doing what you love, and let it leads you to loads of the opportunities :)

  10. I understand how you feel but always remember there is space for everyone to be heard. As long as you pursue your passion and connect with people who will love and support you for it then that should be enough <3 Best wishes!


  11. Hi again!
    I'm happy you decided to come back! I will be reading your posts ^^