Monday, April 21, 2014

spring - zara haul

I couldn't be more excited for spring and that fact that it has finally arrived. Being able to spend days outdoors is one of my favorite things to do and what is more I can finally stop wearing coats! Jackets and blazers, sure, but winter coats I got sick of.
So, of course, I went spring shopping and here are only a few of my favorite pieces I picked. I prefer black all the way, but since it's spring I decided to change it up a bit. In my opinion, this spring is all about white and those bold colors such as yellow, orange, even blue. The intense ones I mean. They not only look fabulous, but make the clothes much more elegant and classy. Also, you'll definitely stand out.

1: Zara dress (I decided to buy this gray dress but if you like experimenting with colors you can definitely buy the yellow or orange one)

2: Zara dress #2 (I'm all into dresses this season & this one is perfect to add color to my wardrobe; I specially like the details of it)

3: Blue sweater (If it gets colder as today is; I definitely love it and it fits perfectly with black jeans)