Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I hate the fact that no matter what we do in life we get judged by everyone around us. I'm only 17 and people tend to feel the need to constantly remind me of what I look like and what I wear. I was always skinnier then most of the girls in my class, but that doesn't make me automatically annorexic. It's so annoying having girls or guys comming up to you saying things they think when honestly I dont care. People, especially teenagers, should care a bit less about everyone else because "you're lucky to be different". I know this post wasn't necessary, but I just feel like what I'm gonna wear or do is my thing, and it doesn't consern anyone but me. So to all of the girls/guys who constantly need to say something about others, please mind your own buisness. Thank you.


  1. people are often weird and to me it is not understandable how many are influenced by other's opinions. and im one hundred percent sure that whoever tells you you're anorexic is jealous (and most probably obese, or on the curvy side).